The council takes the welfare of animals very seriously and will investigate any complaints relating to unlicensed premises or where the conditions of the licence are not being met. For other animal welfare concerns, the responsible authority can vary between the police, council or RSPCA depending on who has the relevant legal power.

You can find out who to report concerns to by reading the RSPCA animal welfare guide.

How to check if a premises is licensed?

You need a licence from the council for:

All licensed premises should display their licence in a public facing area of the premises and display their licence number on all websites including social media. You can request to see a copy of the licence or view our list of currently licenced premises.

If you suspect the business is not licensed, please email the details of the premises to [email protected] and we will be able to confirm if we have it licensed or begin an investigation to establish if a licence is required.

How to make a report?

You should contact the relevant body as identified in the RSPCA animal welfare guide.

For concerns enforced by the council, please provide details of the person and/or premises involved in an email to [email protected] or, if urgent action is required on 01242 264135. Please clearly state your concerns and reasoning as all matters of concern will be investigated.