Eastern side (upper lake)

Boy looking through some toy binoculars attached to a yellow climbing frame

The eastern side is the formal part of the park with the focal point of the Pump Room building and the long parkland avenue from Central Cross Road.

The lake on the eastern side is a no-fishing lake and many of the wild fowl can be found on this lake. The lake also had two floating islands which have been installed to help to improve the quality of the water and have been planted with aquatic plants. You can normally see moorhens, coots and heron on these islands.

We would like to gather more information about the wildlife that visits our parks and open spaces and we are linked with the Gloucestershire Environmental Records Centre. You can visit their website to record any sighting of wildlife which you have seen during your visit.


The children's play area is situated in a dog free zone and is completely enclosed with a number of picnic tables close to the play equipment.

The play area also has an added attraction of the aviaries which house a variety of birds and bunnies which are managed in conjunction with the Support Our Birds and Bunnies Committee.

Please note that on Monday mornings, from 7.30-9.30am the play area will be closed for grass mowing.


The park's toilet facilities are next to the play area and are normally open during the daytime.


Central Cross Cafe sells refreshments including hot and cold drinks, ice creams and a selection of homemade sandwiches and cakes.

The Kiosk has ring-side seats of Pittville Park’s play area and offers freshly ground coffee, hot chocolate, Teapigs brews, iced lattes, homemade cakes and Marshfield scoop ice cream.