Chief executive

Pat Pratley, deputy chief executive of Cheltenham Borough Council

Pat Pratley is the council’s chief executive and holds the statutory role of head of paid service. Her role and responsibilities include:

  • ensuring that the strategic aims of the council are clear and reflect our vision, values and the needs of the people of Cheltenham; also that these aims are translated into effective delivery which is visible to the communities we serve, balanced against available resources
  • leading the delivery of services through a robust mixed economy approach such as commissioning, direct delivery and collaborative partnership frameworks
  • chairing the executive board and senior leadership team
  • providing leadership and direction to the staff employed by the council and promoting a customer focused and performance driven culture which supports the corporate strategy, meets changing strategic objectives and responds to the priority needs of the community
  • positioning the organisation to meet current and future challenges with particular focus on role modelling, innovation and fostering collaboration
  • developing and continually improving corporate strategy, policy and organisational culture across the council
  • together with the director of corporate resources and projects, and the managing director for place and economic development, perform the role of key commissioner by overseeing effective and appropriate commissioning activity and putting in place appropriate client relationship and contract management
  • promoting strategic partnerships across Cheltenham, the county of Gloucestershire and beyond to ensure the development of shared commitment and capacity to achieve improved outcomes and public services for the community of Cheltenham

The services that the chief executive is directly responsible for are:

  • Democratic services
  • Elections and registration

You can contact the chief executive by email or telephone 01242 264100.