Director of corporate resources and projects

Mark Sheldon, director of corporate resources at Cheltenham Borough Council

Mark Sheldon is the council’s director of resources and projects with responsibility for ensuring that the council’s key resources - money, property and support services - are effectively managed and supporting the council's aims and objectives.

Mark is responsible for a number of key projects including:

  • the accommodation strategy which incorporates delivery of the office relocation and redevelopment of the municipal offices
  • redevelopment of the Town Hall
  • the transition of some key support services, including revenues and benefits and customer services, into the 2020 vision partnership
  • development of plans for investment in ICT business systems to support service development with our 2020 vision partner councils
  • development of the customer access strategy with our 2020 vision partner councils

He is also responsible for the strategic management of:

  • annual budget strategy for closing the funding gap
  • businesses continuity
  • corporate governance
  • risk management
  • strategic asset management for decisions in respect of the council’s assets (buildings/public infrastructure)

You can contact the director of corporate resources by email or telephone on 01242 264123.

Other members of the senior management structure include the chief executive and a managing director of place and economic development.