Civic Pride Urban Design Framework Supplementary Planning Document

Civic Pride is a project to boost Cheltenham’s economy by enhancing its town centre streets and spaces. It is being overseen by the Cheltenham Development Task Force which is co-ordinating the work between the borough and county councils in delivering the project.

To guide the project, the borough adopted the Cheltenham Civic Pride Urban Design Framework SPD (the UDF) in 2008. The UDF brings together a set of technical appendices which, between them, provide co-ordinated urban design, transport and public realm strategies for the town centre, and development briefs for two key borough-owned sites. Together they describe a sustainable package of measures for better designed town centre streets and spaces and improved traffic management, benefiting local people, enabling greener transport and bolstering the local economy.

Since the UDF’s adoption, the task force and the councils have been working towards implementation of the project.

In response to market changes, the two development briefs were revised (North Place & Portland Street in 2010; Royal Well in 2013) and it was necessary to reflect the first set of changes in a revised SPD (2010).

Funding has been raised for transport work through the government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (overseen by the county council) and the sale of borough council land. The project is moving towards implementation, and the detailed design elements of various parts of the project will be subject to further public consultation over its lifetime. The county council is producing the the Cheltenham Transport Plan which will provide the traffic management changes needed to allow further town centre improvements to commence. Visit the Gloucestershire County Council website for more information.

Civic Pride Urban Design Framework documents (updated to 2013)

Supplementary Planning Document

Technical Appendices to the Supplementary Planning Document

Adoption Documents (2013)