Pigeon public art - Pombo

Laure Filho

Laure created Pombo the pigeon using metal feathers and diamanté of varying sizes, attaching them to the existing pigeon to give it a Brazilian carnival look, hence the name (which is Brazilian for pigeon). Pombo is coloured using fluro paint, to make her pop and stand out from the often dreary colours of a town centre. Hopefully she will catch a passer-by’s eye and raise a cheeky smile. She’s designed to bring a bit of fun and glamour to the occasion.

A Cheltenham-based designer-maker, Laure has been creating her bespoke jewellery professionally for over 15 years. She fuses traditional craftsmanship with an artist’s eye to create strikingly different jewellery. Precious metals and stones in simple, unstructured, organic forms give the work a tactile, earthy quality. Lively and playful, it is full of personality (just like her pigeon!) so that even the most special of pieces feels comfortable enough to be worn every day. In recent years she has had the pleasure of being involved in a number of temporary public art commissions and enjoys using her skills as a jeweller on much bigger work.

Laure likes to think there’s a British pigeon on a foreign exchange over in Brazil. She believes in cross-country unity and a united world... And so does Pombo! 


Find this pigeon in Cheltenham town centre using the map below.