Boots Corner

Pigeon public art - Boots Corner

Boots Corner
Jaynie Tricker

One of the requests made by CBC was to paint the view from Boots Corner up North Street – a genuine challenge applying the straight lines of buildings onto a spherical shape! Jaynie is a landscape artist, ceramicist and art educator. A creative soul, she is passionate about drawing and painting. Beyond ‘the view’, she always aims to capture the soul of a place.

She has previously worked on a number of public art projects, including the painted pianos, virtual orchestra shipping container and the massive mobiles hung in Waterstones for the Cheltenham Music Festival. She’s also painted one of the famous Cotswold hares. Working in different mediums and ‘canvases’ and to think about how something works in a different outdoor space is a creative challenge that captures Jaynie’s imagination. She enjoys finding a solution as much as the painting and making. Always working, she has recently returned to her roots as a ceramicist, whilst also developing a new body of stunning sculptural mobile forms.

Find this pigeon in Cheltenham town centre using the map below.