The Everyman Pigeon

Pigeon public art - The Everyman Pigeon

The Everyman Pigeon
Imogen Harvey-Lewis

Imogen’s pigeon concept captures the ‘everyman’: the everyday person who lives, loves and uses Cheltenham town centre.

Her immediately recognisable style of illustration is strong and graphic (you may recall her commissioned illustrations on the hoardings announcing the opening of John Lewis, last autumn). She specialises in the human form, re-appropriated to fit any canvas. She delights in playing with scale and proportion, whilst maintaining a clear integrity of form and line.

She has playfully enhanced the sculptural form whilst drawing, then painting a cohort of human characters. People and pigeons enjoy the fountain and spa waters of the town, so it seems appropriate to combine them here in this centrally positioned sculptural installation.

Her colour range is predominately grey, white and black, with small areas of colour as and where she sees fit. The end result is clean, clear, crisp, illustrative and contemporary.

As a local free-lance artist and illustrator Imogen has a passion for drawing, evident in all that she does creatively. Her work reflects her honesty, whether playful or heartfelt. It is accessible, down to earth, meticulous and contemporary.

Find this pigeon in Cheltenham town centre using the map below.