Hatching Eggs

Pigeon public art - Hatching Egg

Hatching Eggs
Beth Forrester

Using recycled materials found in her workshop, Beth has made a nest for her pigeon, welding on steel rods under the bird for an integrated, sculptural look.

From forged iron or clay sculptures, to collage, photography, printing and drawing, Beth is a multi-disciplinary artist and visual explorer. She makes unique objects and images for a vivid connection to the past, the present and the future, working intuitively and often on many pieces at once. Whatever she makes, the spirit she works in is always the same, to find and describe the wild connective and often strange elements all around us. Using repeating motifs and symbols, she has developed her own visual language, drawing on the collective consciousness, and the things she sees, hears and feels every day for her inspiration.


Find this pigeon in Cheltenham town centre using the map below.