A group of people working in a community garden in Monkscroft, Cheltenham

The long-term vision for this Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Business Plan is to build a better future for Cheltenham by providing great homes and stronger communities. This plan will ensure there are more affordable and increasingly sustainable homes available, that council tenants will live in high quality homes with excellent services, and that communities are supported to increase opportunity and resilience. This is underpinned by the need to ensure the ongoing viability of the HRA, and the council’s ambition for Cheltenham to be CarbonNetZero by 2030.

This five-year HRA Business Plan is part of a 30-year financial plan and will be delivered by our arms-length management organisation, Cheltenham Borough Homes Ltd (CBH). CBH has a record of high-quality delivery and tenant satisfaction, making a difference to the lives of thousands of people across the town. We maintain a strong collaborative relationship with CBH, a trusted local partner and employer with very positive local and national recognition. This plan has been developed with CBH in response to insight gained from our tenants and stakeholders and has been informed by national and local pressures and opportunities to ensure that the right outcomes are being aspired to.

CBH maintains a significant and influential position in the lives of thousands of residents across Cheltenham and has developed a high level of trust and satisfaction with our tenants, not only because of what it delivers but how this is done. CBH has a clear sense of purpose that places people at the heart of its activities, inviting their feedback and acting on that, supporting them to maintain their homes and take advantage of opportunities to enhance their lives.

It will be vital that CBH continues to listen closely to the needs of tenants and act appropriately, that it works hand in hand with the council to deliver change and takes advantage of opportunities to add value in support of wider local agendas, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.

This is a time of significant and ongoing macroeconomic and operating environment change for CBC, CBH and our tenants, and this is predicted to continue for several years. As such careful and ongoing assessment is required to ensure that the pace and scale of the aspirations captured within this document are adjusted so that the longer-term viability of the HRA is protected for our tenants, whilst excellent landlord services and wider support for our tenants during a time of need is delivered.

Victoria Atherstone
Cabinet member for housing

Steve Slater