Shaping and delivering the plan

The strategic aims and outcomes of the HRA Business Plan have been arrived at with key stakeholder involvement and have been shaped by insight and considerable input by listening to the views across our partnerships. This includes alignment to:

  • the Corporate Plan
  • Climate emergency Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)
  • customer consultation feedback
  • property insight linked to the CBH Asset Management Plan
  • CBH colleague feedback
  • local priorities for our partners in Cheltenham
  • housing sector specific insight specifically around regulatory changes and increased scrutiny
  • national policy changes and consideration of the socio-economic pressures and understanding their financial impact for Cheltenham

Appendix B provides detail on each of these insight areas, demonstrating the consultative and collaborative journey behind the detail within this HRA business plan, ultimately giving assurance of our ability to deliver services, investment and support, where it is needed most in our communities.

Delivery plan

The aims and outcomes of the HRA Business Plan will be implemented and delivered over the course of the next five years. Most of the identified outcomes are either in progress or will be progressed within year 1 of the plan. The journey towards achieving each measure of success will be reported upon in the annual monitoring process. Any outcomes that have not progressed in year 1 will be highlighted through the same reporting mechanisms.

Infographic of HRA delivery plan showing the factors that shape the plan, vision, aims and success criteria

Factors that will shape and influence the plan

  • Strategic partnership and CBC corporate plan
  • Customer voice through surveys and focus groups
  • Property insight required to maintain long term viability
  • Social housing sector regulatory changes
  • National context of socio-economic pressures
  • CBH colleagues' voices, skills and resources
  • Local partners' alignment and support


HRA Business Plan 30 year Vision - Build a better future for Cheltenham by providing great homes and stronger communities


What success looks like

  • Increase delivery of affordable homes
  • Provide higher quality homes that are safe and well maintained
  • Provide cost of living support and life opportunities for customers
  • Support strong and socially sustainable communities
  • Ensure existing communities benefit from the economic opportunities generated by the Golden Valley Development
  • Embrace technology to enhance people focused, efficient, and accessible services
  • Identify income generation opportunities
  • Work with CBH to make Cheltenham carbon net zero by 2030