Maintaining high quality and value for money services

CBH is a high performing ALMO with high customer satisfaction and for this to remain the case services must continuously evolve to meet emerging customer needs and new, or innovative, ways of working must be identified and adopted. Only by listening carefully to customers and colleagues and then acting on that feedback will this be achieved.

Right at the heart of CBH is the requirement to deliver high quality services that are fit for purpose, which are well received by customers, and to ensure compliance is maintained. This must be done with a clear understanding of the costs involved so that the HRA remains viable, and for this reason there are high level cost per property indicators identified and used in budget planning and monitoring activities.

The balance across the four themes of performance, satisfaction, compliance, and cost indicators provides an informed and mature view of the value for money provided. This view is concerned with understanding the need to spend and managing that effectively to maintain strong core services whilst also continuing to achieve positive change and outcomes for tenants. Achieving the right balance across these indicators whilst delivering on the aims of this HRA Business Plan ensures that CBH is delivering VFM. The ideal balance is shown in the list below and the current list of relevant indicators is included in appendix A.

  • High performance (at quartile 2 or above compared with peers)
  • High satisfaction (at quartile 1 compared with peers)
  • Costs per property (at median levels or better compared with peers)
  • Maintain regulatory compliance

CBH maintains a suite of relevant indicators which also include the Regulator of Social Housing’s (RSH) new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs), which are also highlighted in appendix A. Challenging targets are set in line with local priorities and with sector benchmarking as context and that encompass all four areas. These indicators are monitored and scrutinised

  • on an ongoing basis by CBH service delivery teams
  • monthly by CBH Executive Team
  • quarterly by the CBH Board and Audit and Risk Committee in reports which are shared with CBC Cabinet Member for Housing
  • quarterly at operational CBC / CBH liaison meetings with the Housing Strategy and Partnerships Manager
  • quarterly at the tenant scrutiny and improvement panel (TSIP)
  • annually in the report for tenants
  • as part of annual reports for CBC cabinet and full council.