Holding a public or private event on council land

Children playing ball in front of the bandstand at Midsummer in Montpellier

Cheltenham's council owned parks and open spaces offer a range of venues for all sorts of outdoor events. Events range from large circuses and funfairs to smaller local community events such as fetes and fundays.

  • Expert advice is available for all people who wish to stage an event in the park
  • Parks can be hired at extremely competitive rates
  • Community events are actively promoted by the council

Which space?

We have put together an interactive map to help you decide which of twenty-one council owned parks and open spaces are most suitable for holding your event.

The map shows the location of each site, access to transport links and where else within the town is accessible from the site, within a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute cycle.

By selecting the ‘Parks information’ tab you are able to follow the instructions to find useful details about each park, the facilities it offers such as car parking and utilities; capacity; previous events and photographs of the space.

You can also search by event theme so, for instance, if you wanted to hold a live music event, select the ‘Parks by theme’ tab and the relevant theme. The parks suitable for holding this type of event will be shown on the map.

View the events site map

Guidance notes and application process

If you are considering organising an event on council land, please read through our special event guidance notes and information about the application process. This information is important as it will tell you what measures you need to put in place to run your event, which licences you might need to apply for, and give you an idea of how long your application is likely to take, depending on the size and type of event.

Informal gatherings

Informal gatherings of people for recreational use of the park do not need to go through our formal event process.

Find out more about informal gatherings