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You can use this form to report an abandoned vehicle. Please read the information below and use the yellow button to continue.

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We do not have legal powers to remove taxed vehicles, but we may investigate in certain circumstances such as if a vehicle is burnt out or has no registration plates. To check if a vehicle is taxed, please visit GOV.UK.

Abandoned vehicle definition

An abandoned vehicle is one that appears not to be in regular use (unless on private land with the landowner or occupier's permission) for which no owner can be found or traced. If you believe the vehicle is stolen, please contact the police.

To be classed as an abandoned vehicle, as well as being untaxed, it must meet at least two of the following criteria before an inspection is carried out:

  • significant bodywork damage
  • broken windscreen/windows
  • missing wheels
  • litter or weeds under the vehicle
  • rusty brakes
  • flat tyres
  • broken lights
  • leaking fluids
  • excessive waste in the vehicle

For further information on the type of vehicle that we can deal with, please read our information on abandoned vehicles.

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