Executive director of finance and assets

Paul Jones is the council’s executive director for finance and assets and also fulfils the statutory role of Section 151 Officer. He is responsible for corporate finance, property and asset management, counter fraud and internal audit. He is also an appointed non-executive director for the council shared ownership companies Ubico and SWAP.

Paul is seconded to the Forest of Dean District Council on a part-time basis to fulfil their statutory role of Section 151 Officer (Chief Financial Officer).

Paul is responsible for:

  • Leading the development of a medium term financial strategy and the annual budgeting process to ensure financial balance and a monitoring process to ensure its delivery
  • Promotion of financial management, value for money and the safeguarding of public money and assets
  • Provision of professional financial advice, guidance and support to key strategic projects
  • Production and sign-off of the annual Statement of Accounts
  • Developing, implementing and reviewing the Councils capital and property investment strategies; commercial strategy; treasury management strategies, policies and procedures; and, financial management policies, procedures and practices
  • Compliance with the statutory requirements for accounting
  • Compliance with the statutory requirements for internal audit which is provided by the South West Audit Partnership (SWAP)

Contributing to financial sustainability through ensuring a dynamic corporate asset management plan, aligned to the objectives of the Council, and in particular securing increased income generation, supporting the transition of services to local communities, maximising capital receipts, and stimulating growth and investment in the borough.