Using alternative vehicles

Small green recycling vehicle with compartments for sorting recycling at the kerbside

Ever wondered why we don't always empty your recycling in our kerb-sort Romaquip vehicles?

If we are broken down or need a service, for additional help we use a 'recycling buddy' vehicle, and currently we may need to use it due to the national driver shortage. We then sort your recycling when we empty.

Even though we may use a vehicle like the recycling buddy below we still ask you to carry on sorting to help out the crews, as we only use this vehicle when really needed.

Is it recycled and how does it get sorted?

I'm a Recycling Buddy and sometimes I help my friend the Romaquip out with his round in your area.

  • If its's broken down or needs a service I'm a recycling buddy - a recycling lorry with only one compartment for all recycling
  • If it needs some additional help to deliver your recycling collection service
  • My recycling is then sorted when they empty me

We can confirm that all the recycling that's collected by the buddy crew is sorted after collection as it is taken to a local material recovery facility (MRF) where it goes through a process of sorting the material into the many different recycling streams.