Fees for a multiple animal activities application

The fees below apply if you are carrying out more than one animal activity. There are different fees if you carrying out one animal activity or you are a franchise operators and accommodation arrangers.

The licence fee is split into two separate parts, both of which are non-refundable: 

  1. The application fee to be paid when you submit an application. This fee covers the costs associated with determining the application and includes the inspection costs and inspection report.
  2. The issue fee which is paid after your inspection. 
Additional Activity table of fees 
Activities Application fee
Issue  fee
Basic fee
Additional activity

 Basic fee

Additional activity

Selling animals as pets £330 £135    £82  £35
Boarding of dogs (kennels) £220 £135  £72  £20
Boarding of cats (cattery) £220 £135  £72  £20
Home boarding for dogs £220 £135  £72  £20
Day care for dogs
£220 £135  £72  £20
Hiring out horses
£248 £148  £82  £34
Dog breeding £248 £135  £82  £30
Exhibition of animals £180 £127  £55  £11

Working out the fees (step by step)

Application fee

  • Step 1- You will need to select the highest basic fee of the activities you are carrying out.
  • Step 2 - Then you add on the additional activitys for each additional activity  
You only need to pay the issue fee when your licence is ready to be issued (we will ask for the issue fee when it is required).

Issue fee

  • Step 1- You will need to select the highest basic fee of the activities you are carrying out.
  • Step 2 - Then you add the 'additional activity' fee for each additional activity to the fee in step 1. 


"I do home boarding and also breed dogs. What will my application fee be?"

Application fee
Activities Basic fee   Additional activity Total fee
Home boarding for dogs N/A   £135 £383
Dog breeding £248 (highest fee)   N/A

"I've been approved for home boarding and breeding of dogs activities on my licence and the inspection has been carried out. What will my issue fee be?"

Issue fee
Activities Basic fee Additional activity Vet fee Total fee
Home boarding for dogs N/A £20 N/A £232
Dog breeding £82 (highest fee)  N/A £130 (estimated)

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