Fees for a single animal activity application

The fees below apply if you are carrying out one animal activity. The fees are different for multiple animal activities (for example providing home boarding for dogs and breeding dogs) and for franchise operators and accommodation arrangers

The licence fee is split into two separate parts, both of which are non-refundable: 

  1. The application fee to be paid when you submit an application. This fee covers the costs associated with determining the application including inspection and the inspection report.
  2. The issue fee which is paid after your inspection. 

Application fees

Application fees

Single activity

1st stage fee – Application

2nd stage fee – Issue

Total fee

(This does not include any required veterinary or supplementary fees under Regulation 13)

Boarding of cats and dogs (home boarding, kennels, cattery & dog day care)




Selling animals as pets





Dog breeding




Hiring of horses




Exhibiting animals




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