Additional fees

It may be necessary to add additional charges onto your final issue fee. You will be advised when this occurs and the reason for the charges. 

Additional fees Description Fee

Star Re-rating

Re-rating per activity


  Re-rating for Arrangers Head Office £88
  Re-rating for Arrangers Host £110

Variation fee

You or the council may wish to vary the licence. The fee depends on whether a visit is required or not

No visit £72
Visit - animal boarding and animal exhibition £77
Visit - all other activities £88

Hard copy of licence

A hard copy of the animal activity licence can be sent out


Veterinary fees

You will be charged for the veterinary inspection costs and the administration for authorising and arranging the vet

Veterinary inspections are required for dog breeding and hire of horses and an administration fee is included in the 'basic' component of the application fee.  Where additional veterinary inspections are required on these premises an additional administration fee will be added:

Vet fee: £TBC
Vet fee for admin: £45

Additonal vet inspections may be required following a request by an inspecting officer.  Where this occurs, a vet will be appointed by the council and you will be recharged for the veterinary inspection costs and an administration fee:

Vet fee: £TBC
Vet fee for admin:

£45 or £30
(lower fee for additional vet visits for dog breeding and hiring out of horses only)

Supplementary fee

This fee is only applied where an inspection takes longer than expected, where additional inspections are required or where extensive follow-up is needed. It is payable at an hourly rate.  Where a supplementary fee is to be applied we will inform you as soon as we become aware of the extended time requirements of the application. 

Hourly rate @ £39.79 per hour

Make payment

Pay online

If you cannot use the online payment system,  you can call 01242 264135 and pay over the phone, quoting payment code 'GE' or by cheque made payable to 'Cheltenham Borough Council'.