Webcasting council or committee meetings privacy statement

Why we collect information about you?

We webcast council meetings on social media and the recording will collect the image of individuals speaking and any reference to their name in the recording. Any members of the public not wishing to appear on a webcast can sit outside the range of the camera (if in the council chamber) or not have their camera on in the video call.

The legal basis for us collecting this information is primarily Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014/2095.

What information do we collect about you?

We collect information about:

You (your image and your name and job title or organisation you represent if referred to during the meeting). 

Who do we share this information with?

The webcast will be available on social media for anybody to access. View the You Tube privacy statement.

Is there any information transferred to or stored on servers based outside the EEA?

Yes. In using social media platforms, the council is effectively authorising these services to transfer, store and use your information in the countries in which they operate as per their privacy policies.

How long do we keep your information?

For meetings of the Cabinet and the Council the webcast will be available on social media (YouTube) during the live stream and the recording for a period of six months. The recording will be held on You Tube for four years. The webcasting for all other committees will be available during the live stream and will be held by on YouTube until such point as the minutes from the relevant meeting are approved, at which point it will be deleted.

Who do we collect information from?


What are the consequences if we do not collect the data?

Public not able to attend the meeting would not be able to view the proceedings.

Are any decisions about you made by automatic means?