Cheltenham Borough Homes – managing our homes on our behalf privacy statement

The council commissions Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH) to manage and maintain our council housing stock on our behalf. CBH is a non-profit making limited company, which also owns its own properties as a registered provider.

Why information is collected about you

CBH will collect personal data from you in order to fulfil a range of functions as outlined below:

Providing new tenancies:

  • Selecting tenants for vacant properties and granting new tenancies
  • Mutual exchange management
  • Processing successions
  • Initial assessment of tenants wishing to transfer to another property

Dealing with responsive repairs and maintenance:

  • Undertaking responsive repairs and planned maintenance
  • Providing an out of hours emergency repair service
  • Undertaking cyclical maintenance

Dealing with empty property management:

  • Termination of tenancies
  • Carrying out inspections and minor repairs
  • Carrying our major repairs

Tenancy management services:

  • Enforcement and management of tenancy conditions in cases that include anti-social behaviour, and other actions to control anti-social behaviour by, or that affects, council tenants
  • Taking steps leading to evictions and court action by the council to support enforcement
  • Applications to injunction, to suspend possession orders and warrants of possession
  • Consulting with tenants in relation to any alterations to the conditions of the tenancy
  • Tackling illegal occupation
  • Administration of disturbance payments as a result of works
  • Administration of the tenants’ insurance scheme
  • Management of Right to Repair requests

Neighbourhood management:

  • Caretaking and estate cleaning
  • Grass cutting and grounds maintenance to HRA land
  • Removal of fly tipped goods on HRA land

Supported housing:

  • Delivery of housing related support services to older persons

Clearance and disposal of council dwellings:

  • In partnership with the Council, consultation on, and development of, clearance schemes
  • Decanting tenants

Tenant and leaseholder involvement:

  • Providing a range of involvement and consultation opportunities
  • Provision of effective communication, information and training
  • Production of reports and newsletters
  • Support for the neighbourhood monitoring meetings
  • Support for resident groups and communities of interest

Management of other Housing Revenue Account (HRA) assets:

  • Managing shared ownership properties
  • Managing leasehold properties
  • Enforcement of leasehold conditions
  • Managing estate garages

Enquiries and complaints:

  • Responding to enquiries concerning the delivery of the above services
  • Managing complaints concerning the delivery of the above services, including Ombudsman complaints.

Business development and performance management:

  • Identifying sources of tenant satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Research into the views, aspirations, and preferences of tenants
  • Involving tenants in business planning, service reviews and performance monitoring

Financial management of the HRA:

  • Collection of rent
  • Collecting information from housing benefit/universal credit claimants
  • Raising of debtors and the recovery of arrears and other charges

Capital programme:

  • Preparing and consulting with tenants on proposed programmes of work
  • Liaison with tenants for work to be carried out
  • Providing aids and adaptations to tenants homes
  • Improving the energy efficiency of council dwellings

Housing-led regeneration

  • Provision of community development functions

Other elements:

  • Initial processing of Right to Buy applications
  • Leasehold Management

Please visit the Cheltenham Borough Homes website about why CBH can use personal data on our behalf.

What information is collected about you?

Please go to the Cheltenham Borough Homes website for information about what is collected about you by CBH on our behalf.

Who do we share the information with?

Information processed by CBH on our behalf is not shared with the council. Sometimes a household may raise a complaint/concern to the council about services received from CBH. We would expect CBH to investigate the concern and respond directly to the applicant; however we will normally be copied into their response. This may therefore include a household’s name, address and any specific concerns that have been raised by the household in relation to their housing. This personal data may be received in paper form or by secure email, and will be retained for 12 months after our last contact with the household.

For further information about how CBH share your personal details please go to the Cheltenham Borough Homes website

Is any information transferred to or stored on servers based outside the European Economic Area?


How long do we keep your information?

Please go to the Cheltenham Borough Homes website for information about how long CBH holds your information on our behalf.

Who do we collect information from?

Please go to the Cheltenham Borough Homes website for information about who CBH collects information from on our behalf.

What are the consequences if we do not collect the data?

CBH may not be able to provide full services and support to you on our behalf without this information.

Are any decisions about you made by automatic means?