Citizens Advice – providing advice services on behalf of the council privacy statement

The council commissions North and West Gloucestershire Citizens Advice to provide advice services on our behalf. Citizens Advice is a registered Charity and a Company Limited by guarantee.

Why information is collected about you

Citizens Advice will collect personal data from you in order to fulfil a range of functions as outlined below:

  • Debt advice and financial inclusion work
  • Benefits advice
  • Housing rights advice

Citizens Advice provide these services to you on our behalf with your consent.

What information is collected about you?

For information about what Citizens Advice collects on our behalf please go to the Citizens Advice privacy policy.

Who do we share the information with?

Any personal data relating to the delivery of these services are not shared with the council, other than for applications received for the council’s In debt – a way to pay scheme.

For further information about how Citizens Advice share your personal details in order to fulfil their functions on our behalf, please go to the Citizens Advice privacy policy.

Is any information transferred to or stored on servers based outside the European Economic Area?


How long do we keep your information?

Citizens Advice are required to hold your information for the period of our contract with them, and for one year beyond that, for the purpose of providing accurate statistics whenever required.

Who do we collect information from?

Please go to the Citizens Advice privacy policy for information about who Citizens Advice collects information from in order to provide these services to you on our behalf.

What are the consequences if we do not collect the data?

Citizens Advice may not be able to provide full services and support to you on our behalf without this information.

Are any decisions about you made by automatic means?