CCTV in council owned car parks privacy statement

Why we collect information and images of you

CCTV is deployed throughout our car parks to support the provision of a safe and secure environment for all our visitors, and also to protect the council’s infrastructure and assets.

What information do we collect about you?

The CCTV recording may capture:

  • You rimage and the image of any companions
  • Images of vehicles using or entering our car parks including its Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM)
  • Your location in and around the car park
  • The amount of time you or your vehicle are in the car park facility

Who do we share this information with?

Access to images will only be shared in limited and prescribed circumstances:

  • Law enforcement agencies where images recorded would assist in a specific criminal enquiry
  • Prosecution agencies/Legal representatives
  • Insurance companies
  • The media where it is assessed by the Police that the public’s assistance is needed in order to assist the identification of a victim, witness or perpetrator in relation to a criminal incident.
  • Council departments and partner organisations including the South West Audit Partnership, to assist with investigations where it is believed that there may have been a breach of council procedures.

Is there any information transferred to or stored on servers based outside the EEA?


How long do we keep your information?

We keep the CCTV recordings for approximately six weeks before they are overwritten by new recordings. Copies of recordings may be made and held for a longer period where it is considered that it may be required for legal proceedings.

Who do we collect information from?

Visitors/users of our car parks.

What are the consequences if we do not collect the data?

The council will be unable to take the steps considered necessary to support the provision of a safe environment for its staff and visitors and to protect its assets.

Are any decisions about you made by automatic means?